How to Order

Buying real Dank Vapes online isn’t the difficult and secretive operation that it once was. After the creation of the Access to Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations, known as the ACMPR, buying medical marijuana and dank vapes online has never been easier in USA, Canada and most countries. Buy real Dank Vapes online.

Like most things, there are both good sides and downsides to this. One positive is that many online dispensaries no longer require that buyers provide a doctor’s recommendation. On the other hand, buying real dank vapes online has created a lot of pretenders, some of whom can be dangerous or at the very least not secure. For that reason, its important to understand the best habits to use when you buy pot online. Which we have now made it easy such that you can buy dank vapes and Cannabis Online without any complications and have it delivered to you. You can also Mail order Medical Marijuana and have it delivered  to a PO box.


The most important thing to note if you’re going to buy weed online is that you need to find a reputable source. Many claims made on the internet are either misleading of flat out false. You’ll need to do your homework and check up on user reviews to make sure you aren’t being scammed. You’ll want to choose an online dispensary with user-backed assurances and a guarantee of quality like RealCarts

Whoever you go with, just make sure you are careful with who you are giving your money and information to. Make sure it’s secured and guaranteed before you make you make a order.

How to Buy Best Dank Vapes

Browse Catalog

Browse our catalog and locate the product(s) you are interested in, only the finest quality Dank Vapes,Marijuana strains, and other cannabis infused products. If you follow these steps it’ll be easy to buy real Dank Vape Carts and weed online, also buy medical marijuana and have it delivered to your home with RealCarts, this is all possible.

Add to Cart

Click on the desired product(s), choose your quantity as well as the payment option then click “Add to Cart”

Check out

Once you have all desired products in your shopping cart, and are ready to checkout, view your cart and then proceed with check out. You’ll then fill out your shipping address and then proceed

Shipping option

Once you’ve filled out your delivery address correctly; you’ll have to choose between Standard (1-3 days depending on your location) and Express delivery (Overnight or within 1 day ) Then SUBMIT your order

Payment options

Pick a payment option which is convenient and easy to complete for you.(PayPal,VISA), CashApp OR Bitconins

Once your submit your order you’ll then check your email for payment address and directives or simply contact us on live chat.

Trust me! You need to be very careful when trying to buy cannabis related products online. Not everyone out there is as nice as you think. There are numerous legal guidelines and rules regarding buying real weed online.

One wrong move can make the threat of being behind bars for innocent causes very real. However, with the legalization of weed in states like Colorado and Washington, California more civilized, verified and authentic ways of getting weed are coming to surface.

But what to do when you live in areas where legalization to buy weed online is still far away? How to Order

Well, we all know how to hustle and find the shady corners around the block where you can get some dope.

But, there are safer online alternatives if you are careful enough. Just go ahead and make your order on Realcarts and we’ll get it to you without any complications. No troubles and NO risks